Toubkal Trekking is a local Adventure Travel company based in Marrakech.

The company was founded by a group of Mountain guides from Toubkal area led by Mustapha Bouinbaden who is actually the driving force behind the Toubkal Trekking company.

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Toubkal Trekking

how long does it take to climb toubkal?

Many people ask the following question: how long does it take to climb toubkal?


It is one of the frequently asked questions. In fact, mount toubkal 4167m can be reached in at least 2 days from Marrakech. So, on the first day you get picked up from Marrakech city and drive towards the high atlas mountains, namely to Imlil valley 1740m which is considered as the main trailhead of treks to Mt Toubkal. It takes 1h30 drive from Marrakech to Imlil. Once you reach Imlil, on the same day you will set off hiking to the basecamp 3207m. It usually takes around 5 to 6h walk on day one. You spend the night at one of the refuges there.

how long does it take to climb toubkal? Toubkal Trekking

The next day is the summit day. In early morning, you will start walking to the peak 4167m. The climb from the basecamp to the refuge will take around 3h walk. It’s an uphill climb. It’s really worth the effort once you get to the top from where you will see amazing views if the weather allows. You can spend some time there if it is fine weather. Then, you return back via the same route to the basecamp. It usually takes around 2 to 3h walk. So, today’s walking time is around 6 to 7h .Most of climbers walk perfer to walk back down to Imlil valley on the same day, which will require an extra 4 to 5h walk. This way, you will be walking around 10 to 12h.

So, to make very brief, here is the plan:


Day 1: Marrakech – Imlil 1740m- Toubkal basecamp 3207m. 1h30 drive + 5 to 6h walk ; 15km

Day 2: basecamp 3207m – Toubkal summit 4167m – basecamp 3207m – Imlil 1740m. around 10 to 12h walk;  22km


If you are interested in booking our 2 days toubkal trek, get in touch with us.