Toubkal Trekking is a local Adventure Travel company based in Marrakech.

The company was founded by a group of Mountain guides from Toubkal area led by Mustapha Bouinbaden who is actually the driving force behind the Toubkal Trekking company.

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Toubkal Trekking

Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Atlas Mountains in Morocco Toubkal Trekking

Explore the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco offer natural splendor combined with cultural experiences for anyone visiting. Hikers or simply seeking relaxation will find plenty to enjoy here.

Experience stunning vistas of the Atlas mountains while witnessing authentic Berber culture first-hand with a hot air balloon tour!

1. Trekking

Are you seeking an authentic and rewarding Morocco adventure? A trekking trip through the Atlas Mountains could be just the thing to fulfill these requirements! Experience remote villages, summit peaks and learn from an expert mountain guide all while having an awesome adventure!

Explore a wilderness more rugged than the Alps, featuring valleys populated with juniper or argan trees and high-altitude plateaux covered with snow-capped peaks. Wild camping, luxurious kasbah accommodation or simple refuge – there’s something here for every budget!

2. Hiking

The Atlas Mountains are home to the indigenous Berber people, who practice sustainable living rooted in nature and living close to it. Their respect for their mountain home can be seen through villages that cling tightly to steep slopes, as well as eco-lodges which reduce environmental impact.

The High Atlas mountains are an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, boasting summits over 10,000 feet with incredible panoramic views from their top. Furthermore, this region has lush valleys with juniper forests, fast flowing rivers and waterfalls as well as fast flowing rivers & waterfalls. Imlil serves as a starting point for treks up Mount Toubkal and is an excellent starting point to discover more of this region.

3. Camping

The High Atlas Mountains in Morocco form an undulating barrier between Morocco’s mild Atlantic coast and arid Sahara desert, offering hiking trails, ancient villages, and snow-shrouded peaks for visitors to explore.

There are also week long camping and trekking holidays, led by small groups such as Imlil Valley Kasbah or Refuge du Toubkal Refuge du Toubkal, offering day hikes to beautiful gorges, valleys and summits in both High Atlas and Anti Atlas regions. Wild camping is only allowed under supervision.

Glamping accommodations that feature breathtaking moonscape vistas also exist.

4. Mountain biking

The Atlas Mountains provide an unspoiled, breathtaking backdrop for outdoor adventures of all kinds, such as mountain biking (one or multiple days), trekking up Mount Toubkal or Mgoun or strolling through Ourika Valley. Tours to this region may also include mountain climbing.

Mountains provide a stunning setting for mountain biking, with trails ranging from disintegrating paved roads to gravel piste and boulder-strewn steep tracks. Mountain bike tours provide an enjoyable way to discover Morocco and experience another side. The High Atlas region in particular is great for mountain biking with many routes to choose from.

5. Horseback riding

The Atlas Mountains provide the ideal location for horseback riding. Navigating your way through towering juniper forests and past villages perched atop mountains offers breathtaking views of Toubkal – North Africa’s tallest peak!

Horseback riding tours provide an ideal opportunity to discover the mountains on horseback in spring, when flowers and crops bloom into vibrant hues. Visit Berber villages to gain insight into an ancient culture that has survived through centuries; locals are warmly welcoming visitors.

6. Fishing

Morocco is known for its bustling souks, fragrant spices and mint tea – but its rustic beauty lies hidden within its mountains. Take a tour through North Africa’s High Atlas Mountains which serve to separate its mild Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines from the harsh Sahara desert.

On the northern and western edges, greater rainfall creates lush valleys that support traditional Berber lifestyle. Ourika Valley with its terraced fields and waterfalls is truly captivating; here you can even try your luck at fishing!

7. Skiing

The Atlas Mountains provide a winter sports enthusiast with an idyllic snow-filled experience, from skiing down slopes and exploring natural beauty all the way to cultural immersion and adventure. Skiing here truly stands out as one of a kind!

The High Atlas Mountains are an iconic mountain range, rising majestically out of the surrounding desert landscape and dominating it at 4,167 meters with Mount Toubkal as their highest point. Toubkal lies to its west and on either side lush valleys hold traditional Berber villages teetering atop these rugged mountains.

Oukaimeden Ski Resort lies amongst Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and is one of the largest skiing areas in Africa – just an hour’s drive from Marrakech. Skiers and snowboarders can experience its snow-filled landscapes.

8. Trekking with dogs

Trekking amongst Berber people is an incredible way to gain insight into their culture – you will visit traditional villages and experience their rugged, independent way of life on your hiking vacation!

Trekking in Morocco can be done throughout the year, though spring and autumn tend to offer better temperatures for trekking. Furthermore, it is always wise to spend at least a couple days at lower altitudes before climbing higher as this helps prevent altitude sickness from setting in.

9. Hiking with a guide

Hikers should ideally travel with a guide in order to avoid altitude sickness and to gain local knowledge regarding history and culture of the region they’re exploring.

The High Atlas Mountains, home of North Africa’s highest peak (Jebel Toubkal), feature valleys for relaxing hikes, ridges and cols that provide more challenging climbs, and numerous summits dotted by traditional Berber villages where life has changed little over centuries.

Imlil Village serves as the starting point of most treks, and most guides reside here.

10. Mountain biking with a guide

Take on an adventure that showcases Morocco’s Atlas Mountains from an entirely new angle by mountain biking! Discover hidden trails that meander through lush valleys and dramatic mountain passes on this trip.

Discover the culture and lifestyle of local people while cycling through their villages. This unforgettable adventure offers something truly self-sufficient and challenging – with routes available that cater to different skill levels; dirt roads to hilly terrain. Find one that’s best suited to you today.