Toubkal Trekking is a local Adventure Travel company based in Marrakech.

The company was founded by a group of Mountain guides from Toubkal area led by Mustapha Bouinbaden who is actually the driving force behind the Toubkal Trekking company.

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Toubkal Trekking

climb toubkal in winter

climb mount toubkal in winter

It is possible to climb mount toubkal all year round, but going to this peak in winter is completely diffetent than summer in terms of many things.

climb mount toubkal in winter Toubkal Trekking

climb toubkal in winter

It is a very nice view of the snow capped mountains in winter time. You will have to opt for a 3 days mount toubkal trek in winter because the days are shorter, & it gets dark very earlier.That’s why we highly recommend to choose the 3 days toubkal climb in winter because you will go on the first day to the refuge, and overnight. Then, the next day you tackle this high peak, and you return back to the refuge for another night. On the 3rd day, you walk back down via the same way to Imlil & transfer back to Marrakech.

Another very important thing to bear in mind, you will be required to use some special equipment such as crampons , ice axes & gaiters. If you don’t have that, we can help you by renting that to you.

All in all, it is really worth it to climb up mount toubkal in winter; just give it a try.